MP5 & M4A1 NERFED In Newest Modern Warfare Patch.

MP5 & M4A1 NERFED In Newest Modern Warfare Patch.


In today’s newest Modern Warfare update, a much needed change is coming. Arguably the two most overpowered weapons, the MP5 and M4A1 are both receiving nerfs. For the MP5, it will receive a headshot multiplier reduction and a small reduction in range for the 10mm ammo type. The M4A1 will get a small range & damage decrease. On top of this, the M13 will get a range increase, small horizontal recoil reduction, as well as a small damage increase, making it more viable across the board.

Lastly, Shipment will receive spawn tuning and ATV bugs in ground war have been squashed.

This update comes after months of a strong M4A1 and MP5 meta, so the overall change to the overall experience of Modern Warfare may be massive.

Full Patch Notes, January 28th, 2020

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