Will we see Jetpacks in Call of Duty 2020?

Will we see Jetpacks in Call of Duty 2020?


Every passing year, fans become excited about the newest installment of the Call Of Duty franchise. While Modern Warfare is still fresh on our minds, that doesn’t stop the curiosity regarding COD 2020. While we will have several months to guess the information on the next game, we do have one question already answered for us.

In a thread on Twitter, Treyarch developer David Vonderhaar was questioned by a fan about jetpacks in future COD games. In response, Vonderhaar commented a stern “NO!”.

Adding onto the thread, another fan commented “Jetpacks will revive cod!”.
Vonderhaar then doubled down on his statement in an additional reply.

Normally, COD fans do not get information this early regarding the game, but anti-jetpack players can rest well knowing there will be no jetpacks in COD 2020. This slight tease could point to the next game being set in modern day or the past.

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