All New Perk Balance Changes in Modern Warfare Season 2

All New Perk Balance Changes in Modern Warfare Season 2


BREAKING – Perks have been re balanced in the newest patch for Modern Warfare, here’s the full update notes.

Perk Changes

  • E.O.D – Removed Hacking Ability
  • Double Time – Halved Tactical Sprint Recharge Time
  • Kill Chain – Moved from perk 2 slot to perk 1 slot
  • Restock – Recharge time reduced from 25 seconds to 20. (-5)
  • Overkill – Moved from perk 1 slot to perk 2
  • Ghost- Snapshot Grenade immunity removed
  • Pointman – More score for assists, more score for objective play, earn score by assisting teammates destroy streaks.
  • Tune Up – Increased charge time reduction by 7%.
  • Battle Hardened – Added gas resistance (finally adding a gas grenade counter), added snapshot grenade immunity.
  • Spotter- Added Hack Ability (Moved from EOD)

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