Modern Warfare Season 2 – New Maps, Modes, Operators and Weapons.

Modern Warfare Season 2 – New Maps, Modes, Operators and Weapons.


Rust and Ghost are back!

Today at 10AM PST Modern Warfare season 2 will drop, giving us tons of new content. Among this update comes 2 new multiplayer maps, 1 new ground war map and 2 new gunfight maps. Additionally, 2 new weapons, 1 new operator and 2 new multiplayer modes. (With more content to be added during the season)

New Operators

Ghost has finally returned to the Call Of Duty series, with a brand new look. Get ready to storm the battlefield in style as the famous masked character. Ghost is available in the Season 2 battle pass, as a premium unlock. Additionally, later in season, operators Talon and Mace will be released. (Presumably in the Shop)

New Maps

Operation Rust- 6v6/GunFight

Rust is BACK! The fan favorite Modern Warfare 2 classic is now available for regular playlists and gunfight. Visually, the map has been overhauled, bringing new life to an old classic. (1v1 anyone?)

Atlas Superstore – 6v6

Among the newer maps, Atlas superstore will offer a more classic Call Of Duty field in a confined space. Rush down the isles or hold down the lanes with an Assault Rifle, the choice is yours. Atlas Superstore is a refined version of the Superstore map featured in Special Ops. (Presumably also the Battle Royale map)

Zhokov Boneyard (6v6/Ground War)

For our Ground War map, we have Zhokov Boneyard, previously featured in the Modern Warfare 2 mission, “The Enemy Of My Enemy”.

Operation Bazaar (2v2)

Lastly, we have our gunfight maps. Bazaar and Rust. The announcement does say “and more” over Rust, so more gunfight maps could be on the horizon.

New Weapons

Grau 5.56 and Striker 45

Did someone say new weapons? Count us in. Progress through the battle pass to unlock the Grau 5.56 and the Striker 45, no premium pass required. (UMP 45 is BACK!)

New Modes

  • CDL Playlist- Play like the pros. The official CDL playlist is here, with competitive map pools and weapon bans.
  • Gunfight Tournaments- Grab your duo and grind through a bracket style gunfight tournament for bragging rights and rewards.

In Season Content (Release TBD)

  • Khandor Hideout (6v6)
  • New Operators – Talon & Mace (Presumably in the shop)
  • New Modes- Infected Ground War, Gunfight Variants, NVG Reinforce + more to come!
  • An additional weapon!

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