Modern Warfare Double XP + Playlist Update

Modern Warfare Double XP + Playlist Update


A Playlist update went live in Modern Warfare today, removing some modes, adding others, and some general bug fixes. The patch today is also set to introduce Double XP later this week.

Modern Warfare Double XP

An update today from Infinity Ward has removed some minor bugs, and exploits that were present in Warzone. During that time, a smaller playlist update was pushed that includes a change to featured game modes, the return of Shoot House 24/7, and Double XP – Which will be live on July 17th. Full details are below:

· Renamed D-Day’s ‘Border War’ skin and bio
· An exploit where players could pick up weapons they dropped before the infil sequence in #Warzone
· A Rytec AMR bug where shots were hitting above the crosshairs in their scope

– Shoot House and Cheshire Park 24/7
– TDM and KC Remix
– Party Modes! A FFA moshpit featuring Gun Game Reloaded, One in the Chamber, and AoN
– Realism Ground War #Warzone – Removes BR Stimulus Trios
– Adds Plunder Trios
– Modern Warfare Double XP (July 17th)

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