Modern Warfare Playlist Update – Shipment 24/7 is BACK

Modern Warfare Playlist Update – Shipment 24/7 is BACK


A new Modern Warfare Playlist Update is going live, with a bunch of fan-favorite modes coming back, new store bundles, and more

Modern Warfare Playlist Upodate

This week in Modern Warfare you can expect a whole host of your favorite game modes to be coming back, as well as get your hands on some new weapon blueprints in the store. Let’s kick off with some of the game modes you’ll be playing!

  • 3v3 Gunfight Snipers Only – Test your marksman skills and grab two of your friends, it’s time to make a montage.
  • Shoot The Ship 24/7 – Still got some camo’s you need grinding? Now is the time.
  • Groundwar Reinfected – They’re everywhere. Do what you can to survive.
  • Warzone Duo’s Stimulus
  • Warzone Duo’s
  • Warzone Trio’s
  • Warzone Quads
  • Plunder Quads

There’s new items in the store! New looks for Charly; weapon blueprints; charms; calling cards, and emblems.

  • Earth Expeditionary Force Bundle (Charly) – Comes with a character skin, “Colonial Standard” LMG, Watch, Weapon Charm, Calling Card & Emblem.
  • Racing Series: Mach 8 Bundle – Sport some go-faster red tracers with the “Autoclave” SMG Blueprint and “Winners Circle” handgun. Also includes two vehicle skins, and a brand new horn to intimidate your enemies in Warzone.

Earlier today, we also saw a teaser for Modern Warfare Season 5, it’s shaping up to be a very good month for Call of Duty.

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Source: Activision Blog

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